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The Hospital Report Card: Alberta 2009 is part of a growing Fraser Institute initiative. The goal of the Hospital Report Card is to contribute to the improvement of hospital care by providing quality of care information directly to patients and the general public. This will help people make more informed choices about their health care and improve hospital performance through enhanced transparency and accountability. A news release summarizing the report card and the current results was issued on June 18, 2009.

The Hospital Report Card: Alberta 2009 assesses 39 indicators of inpatient quality and patient safety for Alberta's acute care hospitals. These measures include death rates, adverse events, volumes of procedures and utilization rates. The measures fall into three categories: hospital procedures, medical conditions and those related to child birth.

Users should note that these measures are provided only for informational purposes – those in need of health care should seek the advice of their physician before making any decisions on medical treatment.

The Fraser Institute is an independent research and educational organization with offices in Canada and the United States and active research ties with similar independent organizations in more than 70 countries around the world.

*An indicator is a measure of a hospital or municipality's performance for a given procedure or medical condition, and is applicable only to acute-care conditions and procedures for inpatient care.

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