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Hospital - B.C. Children's Hospital (see note)
Category - Hospital procedures - Utilization rates
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Legend for Risk Adjusted Rates:
Better than the British Columbia average for the selected year.
Not different from the British Columbia average for the selected year.
Worse than the British Columbia average for the selected year.
No data were available for this year.
Rank All institutions were ranked on each indicator based on their scores, where the highest rank of 1 corresponds to the highest score out of 100. Volume indicators were not ranked since they have threshold requirements.
Score The score indicates how well a hospital performs on a given indicator, based on its risk adjusted rate where a score of 100 is the highest.
Risk adjusted rate Measures the observed rate adjusted for differences in patients’ age, sex, and the presence of complications.
Observed rate Measures the outcome of interest compared to population at risk.
British Columbia average/total This value is the risk adjusted average (British Columbia average) or total (British Columbia total) of an indicator across all acute care hospitals in British Columbia.
Laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Minimally invasive removal of the gall bladder, a small pear-shaped sac that stores and concentrates bile, which is needed for digestion. Higher rates are more desirable.
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Rank - - - - - - - -
Score - - - - - - - -
Observed - - - - - - - -
Risk adjusted - - - - - - - -
British Columbia average 79.97% 79.64% 81.09% 80.82% 82.45% 82.18% 83.71% 85.48%
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