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The Fraser Institute’s Hospital Report Card: Ontario 2009 provides an invaluable tool that patients and the general public can use to stimulate improvements in the quality of health services by measuring the performance of Ontario's acute care hospitals.

The 50 measures of in-hospital quality of care information contained in the Hospital Report Card analyse more than 10.5 million patient records over the period from April 1st, 1997 to March 31st, 2007.

Data from all of Ontario’s acute care hospitals are included in the report. Seventeen out of 136 acute care hospitals, representing 5% of inpatient records in the most recent year of data, agreed to have their institution identified in this third edition of the Hospital Report Card. Other hospitals are anonymously shown in the report by a randomly assigned arbitrary number. A news release summarizing the report card and the current results was issued on March 12, 2009.

Please refer to the files below for further information:

  1. Complete publication (PDF)
  2. Overview and Observations (PDF)
  3. Methodological Appendices (PDF)
  4. FAQs and References (PDF)
  5. Ontario Hospital Data (4 MB, ZIP)

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